Waveland is one of the newest incorporated cities of Mississippi.  Incorporated as a city in 1972, it has quickly grown to almost 7,000 residents.  It is the most south west city of Mississippi.  

Known as "Ground Zero" and where the eye of Hurricane Katrina hit, this city was nearly wiped off of the face of the map.  In a news report, state officials said Waveland took a harder hit from the wind and water than any other town along the Gulf Coast, and that the town was obliterated.  Official reports stated that approximately 50 people died when Waveland was hit directly by the eyewall of Katrina and the 26-foot (7.9 m) storm surge.  But like any Mississippi town, the residents here were determined to have this place be called home again.  It is now starting to thrive and grow just like it's neighboring sister city of Bay St. Louis.

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